Christ centered designs to create curiosity & inspire a pursuit of God's Word.


We have a desire to inspire! No, seriously. The Bible holds many wonderful things and it is our desire that whenever someone sees one of our designs, they become curious to go and read the scriptures that inspired our designs, and hey, keep on reading since they are already there! We have a desire to see Christians flourish and grow, and whatever part we can play in that is truly our honour.


CTTC was created by husband and wife duo, Cody and Elaine Johnston. Sharing a heart for ministry, they wanted to provide a way to spread encouragement to other Christians. With Elaine’s passion for fashion and Cody’s background in graphic design, it was a natural fit to merge their gifts and create Cedar Temple Trade Company.

Elaine Johnston

Elaine is writer, blogger, and fashionista. She recently obtained her degree in Psychology and her minor in Small Business. She has a heart for women’s ministry and loves to engage in deep, meaningful conversation. She writes to encourage women and to help them overcome the obstacles they face.

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Cody Johnston

Cody is a musician, photographer, and graphic designer. He has lead worship for over eight years and has been professionally creating graphics and memories as well as having served as a pastor in the local church for over five. He recently started recording his music by the name, Braille Atlas.

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CTTC is a Christ-centered apparel and home goods company dedicated to sparking curiosity in the Word of God through our designs.

About the name and symbolism: (for those who are curious)

Our name is loaded with symbolism. Our primary symbols are the temple, the dual cedar trees, the owl, and the keys.

In 2 Chronicles 4, it talks of how Solomon began to fulfill his purpose of building the temple. Our temple icon is a *minimal* rendering of that temple. The two cedars are representative of the primary wood used to build the temple as well as being symbolic of the two pillars (named Boaz and Jachin) placed at the entry of the temple. The owl represents Solomon’s request for wisdom in his life. The keys are more so representative of the authority God gave his children through Christ – to loose and bind the spiritual and the choice of eternal life or death.

As for the meaning to Cody and Elaine: owls are one of our favorite decor items. Our home is sided with cedar. And if you notice which letters are biggest, the first and last letters of our primary name, you will see that it is a C and an E. (Admittedly, this last one was an accident.)



The Reckless Pursuit is a podcast, vlog, blog, and community of people coming together and digging deep into what it truly means to be a Christian.

Cody and Elaine have a passion for people. That’s why in March of 2018, they started The Reckless Pursuit. “TRP” is a social platform that desires to give followers of Christ a safe place to ask the hard to ask questions and to pursue truth: the real truth, not just what we’ve always been told in church.

You can find all things “TRP” by visiting their website:

The Reckless Pursuit
Be brave, be bold, and be reckless. We’ll talk soon.